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Conscious Living

Updated: May 1, 2023

An excerpt from a discourse by Vinay Kapoor

Dubai, August 21, 2022

Conscious living is all about knowing that you have the power, the capacity to change your thoughts, feelings, vibrations every moment. The Ego always wants to be right, but when you have clarity that you want to be healthy and happy, you don’t care about the Ego anymore and you don't care about being right! The focus needs to be on your inner space, on winning inside! It is your ability to work on your inner space, that needs to be really developed.

Conscious living is being aware about what you are sending your cells. Cells have receptors. Your thoughts, feelings and vibrations are continuously being received by these sharp receptors. And your body and mind receive this impact sooner or later. Send your cells, love, joy, peace, good health, because you have to consciously send them the right vibrations. Else something non-conducive may be being sent to them unconsciously!

You could be anywhere - in a public place, at a party, in a mall, at the office no matter where you are. Where is your awareness? Feeling blessed and grateful to be where you are, realizing how fortunate you are to have so many opportunities and blessings, these are the thoughts and feelings that convey the right message to your cells! This is your choice. Your 'free will' - the will to choose. And the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets. It's so simple. Just the direction has to be changed, just a little shift is needed, and you get an immediate response!

One of the reasons specific daily meditations are done to develop a connection with the organs, is to realize how your thoughts, feelings and vibrations are affecting you. And you choose your parameters. You start to recognize things like ‘this particular feeling made me joyful’, without bringing right, wrong, and concepts into play etc. You know theoretically that all is right now, and now with your own awareness, you start to be cognizant of how you feel in the moment because it doesn't lie. Your receptors don't lie! The beauty is that it is in your hands. It is your free will. Exercise it. Then you are creating experiences every moment and you can invoke the flavour you choose. When you know you can invoke it, you choose conducive experiences. In a flash you can clear your space and invoke the flavour you choose! This is self-awareness - with awareness you choose.

How empowered do you feel, knowing that you have a say on your experiences on a moment to moment basis! If you have learnt how to be happy, at this moment, what is your destiny? Next moment, and the next moment, you will be happy too! Celebration is an art and a skill. It's your life and your free will!

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